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Puerto Rico Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Mini-Guide CALICHE Ciales, Puerto Rico

Caliche is a limestone rock wall formed by the Río Grande de Manatí. It is located in the Caliche neighborhood in the town of Ciales, about one hour west of San Juan (72km). It was the first climbing area developed in Puerto Rico. La Grieta (5.10c) was the first route put up in 1989 in the old fashion way with cams and nuts from the bottom up. Today, all of the routes are sport and many have been recently re-bolted.

Price: $5

Rock Climbing Mini-Guide ROSARIO San Germán, Puerto Rico

Located in San Germán, the Rosario crag is well known among the locals for overhangs that will blow you away. This solid limestone wall offers well-protected long single-pitch sport routes, a few multi-pitch climbs with fantastic views over the exotic canopy. The crag is divided in two sections: the Gym, which has most lines at almost 45 degrees, and Vertical Jamming with single-pitch routes up to 100’ long and exciting multi-pitches. In both areas you will find tufas, stalactites, crimps and jugs.

Price: $5

Rock Climbing Mini-Guide NUEVO BAYAMON Bayamón, Puerto Rico

The crag is located in Julio Enrique Monagas National Park, in the Aymamón limestone karts zone. It is a small lush green forest, surrounded by limestone residual hills called mogotes fencing out the surrounding metropolitan area Also known as Bayamón II, this crag consists of nine sectors with more than 100 routes with comfortable belay bases. It has become popular because of its proximity to San Juan (a 15-minute drive).

This guide covers most of the routes on the crag. For updates of new routes, please visit our store in San Juan.

Price: $10

Rock Climbing Mini-Guide VIEJO BAYAMON Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Surrounded by residential areas, a science and recreational park, shopping centers, high-traffic avenues, and even a cemetery, this crag is a hidden treasure—a small mogote (a karst haystack hill) with puzzling climbs known by rock climbers as “Viejo Bayamón.”

The fast-paced city down below is visually blocked by the vegetation, and although crowds are not far away, you will feel completely isolated. On the weekend, music from the park and sounds from rides and people cheering can usually be heard, sometimes making you feel like you are in a high-energy indoor climbing gym. If this does not bother you, and you like technical and powerful climbs, then Old Bayamón is definitely worth a visit.

The highest climb is a little over 50 feet. This can be a good thing —you will probably have enough fuel to get a few more onsite climbs under your belt— or a bad thing— the fun is over too quickly. Most climbs are short, vertical or slightly overhanging, on good limestone featuring pockets and crimps. Under clings, drop knees, and quickly reading the rock will likely be your best defenses against failing on your onsite ascends.

Price: $5

Rock Climbing Mini-Guide CERRO LAS TETAS Salinas, Puerto Rico

Cerro Las Tetas, nicknamed Las Tetas de Cayey, are two mountain peaks located in the municipality of Salinas, about a one-hour drive from San Juan. Since September 2000, they have become part of a Puerto Rico Natural Reserve and are protected by law. The peaks are so named for their resemblance to a woman’s breasts. The word “tetas” is colloquial for “breasts” in Spanish, much like the English word “tits”. They rise to 2,759 feet (841 meters) above sea level, and their location in the south ridge of the Central Mountain Range (la Cordillera Central) provides a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea, with the coolest temperatures of all the climbing areas in Puerto Rico.

Climbing has been developed on both the east and west peaks, and all the walls will offer you a completely different sport climbing experience on the island. The weathered basalt provides crimps and edges, and demands smearing and stemming, very different from the usual pockets and tufas on most limestone crags in Puerto Rico. It is also the perfect setting: an isolated area visited only by climbers, with a short 15-minute approach from the parking area to the east peak. Cerro Las Tetas is home to two classic climbs— Lizard the Wizard and Head to Toe—, although many will argue that other routes should have been conferred the same honor.

Price: $10

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