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Caving Adventure

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Caving Adventure in Puerto Rico

Join us on an unforgettable cave adventure in Puerto Rico! Descend into the underground world by means of rappelling and a series of ziplines. The Rio Camuy System will greet you. Jump into its refreshing waters, swim across an underground lake, experience scrambling under and over boulders in blackness only aided by your headlamp and physical abilities and climb hundreds of feet out a sinkhole. This is the real deal for hardcore adventurers only!

Our guides are trained and certified professionals and assist and prepare you for the adventure.  If you think you are ready, you can go straight for a once-in-a-lifetime caving challenge that is guaranteed to reward you with an intoxicating adrenaline rush.

Explore Angeles Cave, part of the famous Rio Camuy cave system, in its truly natural state. As the only company with the rights to access the cave, we assure a pristine underground gem. Put on your lamp helmet, buckle your life jacket, don your harness… and now you’re ready for a unique caving experience.

Geared and psyched up, you start a series of zip lines and soar over the great Angeles sinkhole of the Río Camuy cave system. As you enjoy the excitement, you also become part of the surreal beautiful setting of nature’s own moss-and-fern wallpaper embellishing everything, birds flying below, rising mist, and the rumbling of the river that enticingly catches your eye as it magically appears and disappears into the underground world.

To add more excitement, the zip lines are linked by sections of via ferrata, routes that were developed during World War I to access high places via vertical pathways equipped with cables, metal rebars, and ladders.

Topping this off, you are engulfed by the enormous mouth of the incomparable Angeles Cave as you rappel 130 feet into its twilight zone.

Inside the cave, enjoy the thrill of exploring its large chambers, traveling its subterranean rivers and wondering, perhaps with a touch of uneasiness, what’s around the next corner. Prepare to be awed by the cave’s huge stalagmites and stalactites and other strange formations developed over eons of calcite water drippings.

Other geological marvels you encounter are the sparkling, crystal-clear pools and the abundant fossils of sea creatures that lived millions of years ago. Mudslides, body rafting, free jumps into darkness, and other exciting surprises await you.

There’s still more to come! Exit the sinkhole by climbing the exposed via ferrata section that takes you to the end of your journey and rewards you with a true and strong sense of accomplishment.

No experience is necessary, but words of advice… Do not compare us with other adventure tour companies. Others can serve as warm-ups or slightly test you for the real thing. Ours is a hardcore adventure. It is physically demanding and requires sharp and attentive participants.